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Automotive Fashion

AUTOMOTIVE FASHION - is define as the automotive fashion world. How we vision our automotive as a piece of art, hard work, and passion for what we like to do. Automotive Fashion reflects exotic engines V8, V10, V12, V16, elegant handcrafted leather colors/ stitching, low profile tires/ rims, aerodynamic design/ body kit, turbo kit, audio system and more. Anything that showcases luxury and power enhancements are all consider fashion on wheels here at Carbon Turbo Ent we recognize and expose all automotive fashion.


*A Division for Automotive Fashion Enthusiast...

We don't just wear fashion, we drive it...

(A concept for the Automotive enthusiast designed for the fashion eye. Art and Fashion is everywhere we wear it we drive it AMF display both Hand crafted divisions: Automotive and Fashion)


CEO, President of Carbon Turbo Entertainment

Ramone Henriques


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