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To introduce our selves we are Carbon Turbo Ent also known as Atlanta Motor Fashion a fast growing entertainment company that was est. in 2007. The goal is not to be part of a faze or to be just another car club, but to be a professional team showcasing custom automotive development. In 2010 we merge on to the fashion scene, with this we offer a wide range of entertainment which I call Automotive Fashion. We plan to show case the creative skills of the team as well as the quality and creative abilities of the astonishing companies we work with all over metro Atlanta. 


C.T.P stands for (Carbon Turbo Posey) this name was giving to us by Sound Sensations in 2008. This name represents our team as one.


Carbon Turbo Ent Movement

Carbon Turbo #1 goal is to expose Automotive Fashion in all possible ways. Developing projects like car shows and fashion shows, Carbon Turbo Ent has changed up the game by keeping our definition of what we produce as a one of a kind Automotive Entertainment Company. We have been Elevating to another level structuring it from the ground up (Car shows, Fashion, Music, Entertainment) are words Carbon Turbo represents. We are a concept built to be driven, we go hard in the paint and what we do we do best here at Carbon Turbo Ent there are no other.




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